Problems with double crochet edges
How often have you crocheted a scarf or blanket in double crochet and been annoyed that the edges are not straight? The edges easily look like the two bottom ones in this image. Either you get holes or the edge is very uneven. (Using US crochet terms)

But this is a problem that is very easy to fix!

You see it more in detail in the video but this is a short version of what you need to do:

  • At the end of each double crochet row, crochet two double crochets together in the last stitch. Later you count this as one stitch.
  • At the beginning of each row, chain two and make a double crochet in the stitch where you crocheted the two together at the end of the previous row.
  • Repeat this on every row.

Video: Straight edges in double crochet every time

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How to have straight edges in double crochet every time

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