In an earlier post, I had a tutorial about starting single crochet without a chain. A similar technique works great with most other stitches, also double crochet. Today I made a video about how to do that.

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Starting without a chain is also called foundation crochet or chainless foundation. It is such a useful technique for many purposes. It is much easier to calculate your stitches when starting a new project this way. No danger of getting a long chain into a twist. You get a great stretchy first row or round. Especially when working on long projects like scarves, you can see directly how long the piece is. A long chain is harder to measure.

You can equally well use the chainless foundation double crochets when you need to add more stitches at the end of a row and can’t use a chain. I’m also showing that in the tutorial video. This has been used in my rabbit applique motif that has become very popular. It was actually while I was making a written pattern for that video that I realised I don’t have a video showing this technique!

On the video I’m using an ergonomic crochet hook with a soft handle. I find them so comfortable to use.


Watch the tutorial video

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