Valentine’s Day is approaching fast, so what better pattern to create than a new crochet heart! I was looking at the many hearts there are with the idea of making one that doesn’t exist yet. I didn’t see one made this way. The heart has a centre of foundation single crochets. It finishes with a row of reverse single crochets that form a picot-like edge.

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I was working on the heart while staying in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. There wasn’t really a suitable place to shoot a video in the hotel. I decided to try something different, making the video on the street by the sea!

It was warm and sunny that day. I selected a bench by the walk by the sea on the cliffs. I tied my selfie stick to it. You see the result in the video! I added a short bit at the end of the video where I’m showing the place where I was. I also shot a short intro on the beach. It was a bit of change from Finland with plenty of snow at the moment!

I am aware that the video isn’t as sharp as my videos normally are. The sound is clear and the video has subtitles. I decided to make also a crochet chart. Many people say they like to have the pattern in a photo in front of them.

Here’s the yarn I was using for the hearts. It is high quality mercerized cotton.

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Video tutorial for crochet heart

Chart for Crochet heart

You can click the image larger.

The order the different rounds are crocheted: You start at the small red symbol and finish at the green symbol. Rounds 2 and 3 are crocheted clock-wise. Round 4 is crocheted counter-clock-wise.

Row 1: blue
Round 2: black
Round 3: red
Round 4: black


Video about how to do reverse single crochet

Video about how to do foundation single crochet (chainless foundation)

Both of these techniques can also be seen on the video above.


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