Crochet this quick heart using some scrap fabric you may have. You can recycle items like pillowcases or clothes no longer in use. This works best with woven fabrics, not T-shirt type stretchy materials. You cut up the fabric into a long strip. The size of the heart will depend on how wide you cut.

Give the heart to your friends on Valentine’s day, attach anywhere as applique, use as Christmas tree ornament or join many hearts for a party bunting. The heart also works great as a key ring.

Instructions: Crochet chart and video for making the heart.

See more crochet heart tutorials on my YouTube channel!
Another crochet heart with a chart here.

Crochet chart for the heart

What you need

  • Using fabric, cut a strip about 6 meters / 7 yards long and about 1 cm / 0.4 in wide. The wider you cut, the larger the heart will be. The hearts in the picture are 7-9 cm (3-3.7 in) high.
  • Sturdy crochet hook 6-8 mm

Chart signs

Crochet chart symbols explained

Crcohet chart for a heart

Video: How to crochet a heart

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Crochet heart pattern pin

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