A high-quality yarn subscription box

Each month when my new Knitcrate yarn box arrives, I'm all excited! By now I know that I'm going to get great quality yarn that I will love and feel inspired by! Here's the box the yarn arrives in: This post contains affiliate links. It means that if you...

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How to knit mock cables

In both knitting and crochet I find that I just love to work using certain stitches. Earlier I mentioned that the V-stitch is my favourite stitch in crochet. The mock cable has been my favourite in knitting for years. It is such a versatile stitch. It is...

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Knitting hexagons

Any small squares, circles or like these, hexagons, are great ways of using up left-over yarn. You can make them in one colour or change colours as often as you feel like it, or every time a tiny scrap of yarn is used up, like in this hexagon: (This post...

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How to knit double-sided cables

Cable knitting is fun! I have knitted cables on numerous sweaters, cardigans, mittens and hats. But especially when it comes to knitting cables on scarves, there is a problem. The wrong side of a cable doesn't look at all nice, and yet a scarf often turns...

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Twiddle muffs for the elderly

Do you do much charity knitting or crocheting? Off and on I make time for it. There are so many lovely projects you can join to bring joy and help to people in difficult life situations. My mother had dementia for the last number of years of her life. I wish I had...

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