Any small squares, circles or like these, hexagons, are great ways of using up left-over yarn. You can make them in one colour or change colours as often as you feel like it, or every time a tiny scrap of yarn is used up, like in this hexagon:

Multicolor knitted hexagon tutorial

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I made the hexagons using double pointed needles. It is easier to work if your needles are bamboo or wood because metal ones or plastic coated metal ones can be too heavy and easily slip. Here’s an example of the kind of needles I like to use for small projects, 13 or 15 cm long (about 5 or 6 inches):

We start to knit on the outside of the hexagon. You need 78 stitches + 1 and then start to decrease. The decreases are in sets of six, which creates the hexagon. Using doubleknitting weight wool and size 4 mm needles my hexagons are 11 cm (4,3 in) in size.

You could use the hexagons for

  • scarf or shawl
  • baby blanket
  • bedspread
  • poncho
  • cardigan
  • cushion cover
  • bag

or anything else that comes to mind!

Here’s the video tutorial for making the hexagon:

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