Like with many bloggers, the majority of readers arrive at my blogs from Pinterest. Over the last year and a half I have learned so much about how to use Pinterest more widely and strategically. Justina Rosu is a video professional but hasn’t used Pinterest much. She has recently started her YouTube channel of video tips. She interviewed me about how I have used Pinterest to grow my YouTube following to 37 000 people.

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Watch the video here:

Here are the main points discussed on the video:

  • Using Pinterest search to pick a video or post title
  • Pinterest as search engine
  • Importance of being on good quality group boards
  • How to find good group boards
  • Different ways of sharing videos on Pinterest
  • How to create vertical pins
  • Hashtags in Pinterest descriptions now
  • Automating pins using BoardBooster
    • Campaigns to post on group boards
    • Looping pins
  • Pinning your own content vs. other people’s content

After the interview was done I have also started to use Tailwind to automate pins.

I have also purchased a new microphone since this video was made. The next thing I will add to my equipment will be a ring light. Then I will no longer be so dependent on the weather to have natural light!


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