(Updated July 2020) Sometimes I have no idea why a video goes viral! Starting to crochet a round piece like a rug, table mat, basket etc, using t-shirt yarn is one of those videos. I first had a video of a horrible quality about that in Finnish. I had made it very quickly as an answer to a question. It went viral, mainly outside Finland. I decided to make a better one and it went viral too. It soon has eight million views (July 2020). I then added a second video, to show a bit more than just the start of the technique. It is popular too but not so hugely popular. Eventually I decided to make a new video, combining the tips on both older videos. That’s the one you see on this page now.

What we are talking about is a technique where you attach t-shirt yarn using another, much thinner yarn. The t-shirt yarn stays straight, you only crochet around it.



Here are two photos that show what I’m talking about. Below them, you can watch the video that has been so popular.

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T-shirt yarn is not the only type that works here. You can use any sort of ribbons, thick fluffy yarns, plastic bags cut up or many yarns put together. I even used this for a Christmas tree decoration, see the post in my other blog Knit & Crochet Christmas.


An updated video

Watch the video (the original one)

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You can cut up your own old t-shirts. I’m collecting mine to make a rug. When you cut them up yourself you can decide how wide you want the yarn to be. The heavier item the wider yarn. For table mats, coasters and small baskets I would cut about 2 cm wide ( just under 1 in). For rugs or bigger baskets it can be twice as wide.

T-shirt yarn: amzn.to/2H4mR8z
Mercerized cotton yarn: amzn.to/2Ex1w96

How to continue the round crochet

That video showed you how to get started. My second video shows you how to add stitches so that the crochet stays flat. You can watch that video here: youtu.be/NscbsKrdlIw

On the video I’m using an aluminium crochet hook like these. They are great because of the colours and I use them a lot when making videos. But when I crochet for a longer time, I have started to use ergonomic crochet hooks with a soft handle because my hands easily hurt and they help for that.


More great quality yarn?

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