The magic ring is often the most practical way to start something that is crocheted in the round. It is also called a magic circle or magic loop. The idea is to create a circle into which you make the first round of your crochet. After the first round is completed, you pull the yarn end to tighten the loop as much as you want to.

The magic ring should be super easy because it is! I have two videos showing how to do it fast, just twisting the yarn once around your index finger. The videos are a different length, that’s the reason for two! There are also lots of tutorials that make it sound complicated. I have so many comments on my videos that are saying how they finally got it this easy way:

“Your 18-second video was more helpful than so many others that are like watching a movie! Thank you!”

“You see Tuula, you make it look sooo easy. All the other ways I’ve seen, this magic loop never really looked ‘secure’, but I can now see that it can be just as great. “

“Thank you for offering the simplest way of creating the magic ring compared to every other tutorial. People complicate it ridiculously. “

I could add a long list of similar comments that you can find on my magic ring videos!

So, how do you make it? You can also go directly to the video Easiest way to crochet the MAGIC RING (or Magic Circle or Magic Loop). Wrap round one finger.

Steps for an easy magic ring

  1. Hold your yarn as in the image. The yarn end is held by left hand fingers.

Magic ring tutorial 1

2. Wrap the yarn around your index finger once clockwise.

Magic ring tutorial 2

3. Pass your hook under the yarn into the loop, take the yarn and pull into a loop.

Magic ring tutorial 3

Magic ring tutorial 4

4. Chain 1, take the loop off your finger.

Magic ring tutorial 5

5. Crochet the first round, stitches into the loop, whatever it is you are making.

6. Pull the yarn end to tighten the magic ring.

Magic ring tutorial 6

7. Weave in the yarn end well, cut the rest off.

Video tutorials: how to make a magic ring for crochet

More detailed video:

Video thumbnail for magic ring tutorial

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How to start crochet using a magic ring

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