6 tips to crochet fasterWhether you are a beginner or have crocheted for decades, there may be things you can change in order to crochet faster. You don’t need to crochet fast but if you do, here are some tips to improve!

“How to crochet faster” is a common search term both on Google and YouTube. This is why I decided to create a video on the subject.

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There are many different ways of holding a hook, creating stitches and holding the yarn. All create the same stitches and all can be effective. Film your own crocheting! That is an easy but useful way to find out if you are doing something unnecessary to create your stitches.

I go into all these points on the video below but a quick list here:


  1. Crochet a lot and often
    The more you crochet, the more familiar you become with the stitches and patterns, which can help you work faster. This will help you build muscle memory and improve your speed over time.
  2. Select the best type of hooks for you and your projects
    Different projects and yarns may call for a different hook. Are you familiar with the two main hook types?
    See my favourite hooks!
  3. The effect yarn has on speed
    Some types of yarns slow you down, others speed you up.
  4. Holding your hook
    There are two main ways of holding a hook, both equally “right”. Just make sure your grip is firm but not too tight.
  5. Position of hands and yarn
    Get rid of any unnecessary movements.
  6. Keeping an even tension
    Check out this short video that shows how I ensure an even tension.

Video: How to crochet faster – 6 important tips

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6 tips for learning to crochet faster

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