Updated July 2021.

Every year for many years now there has been a GrannysquareDay on Instagram. This link shows you the thousands granny square images posted from all over the world. Many are not what was originally called a granny square though but different types of lovely squares.

There are many slightly different tutorials for crocheting the granny square. I still decided to make my own one too! For me, it is important to make the moving from one round to the next as easy as possible. I always do that in the same corner of the square.

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There are also different amounts of stitches in granny squares. I chain two in each corner and chain one in between the groups of double-crochets on the sides of the square. You can also make the squares so that you chain three in the corners and two on the sides. That makes a slightly looser, more lacy square.

I have three double-crochets in each double-crochet group. You could also have four in each for a fuller square. In a large project that takes up a lot more yarn!

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Video tutorial for a basic granny square


Example of a granny square project

Here is a bedspread I crocheted several years ago and still use daily. It is all in granny squares. I have crocheted them together in the last round. See the video about joining granny squares as you go! Joining them on the go requires a bit more planning beforehand because you can’t try out the different ways you might want to join them. For a project where you want the squares to be in a completely mixed order, joining as you go is the ideal way as there is no sewing afterwards. I have over 30 colours in my bedspread.

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Instructions to crocheting a basic granny square

How to crochet a basic granny square

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