Crochet these simple flower star motifs for many uses. Depending on the yarn you use, you could make blankets, throws, ponchos, scarves, bags or table cloths, coasters etc. A single flower can be attached on a card too, or used as a purse decoration. You could even make one using reflective yarn to use at the dark times of the year. If you crochet one out of fine crochet thread using a small hook, you can use them as earrings. The flower star is also a shape that would make a lovely Christmas tree decoration.

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card with crochet flower decoration

Photo of the flower added to a greeting card.

Crochet chart

Below are the chart and video for crocheting the flower star. There are four rounds of crochet, so the motif pattern is quick to learn by heart.

chart for crochet flower
crochet chart symbols explanation

Video: Easy flower star motif

Pin the flower star motif instructions:

instructions for crocheting flower star motif

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