This block lace stitch has been used in decorating bedsheets in the 40s and 50s. But it’s great for many different uses. You can make it in wool for baby blankets, afghans, different types of shawls, scarves and wraps. It is pretty in tablecloths, mats and runners made in cotton thread. In bamboo or cotton, it could make a lovely summer top or swimsuit cover or also a kitchen cloth. In any durable yarn it would make a useful bag too.

The stitch pattern with a 4-row repeat is easy to learn. After you learn it by heart it is relaxing to crochet.

The pattern includes a chart and a step by step video.

Crochet chart

To start, you chain multiples of 5 plus 11 stitches. That means that you need so many times 5 stitches that you want to have treble blocks and then you need the 11 stitches once for the start and end on the first row.

Or you could just make a chain that is a little bit longer than you want your work width to be. Then after you have the first row done and if there are extra stitches, you can undo those later (this is what I always do!).

The yellow box in the middle of the chart is the part that you keep repeating to get your project the width you want. The numbers on the side show which side you start that row. Rows 2 and 4 are on the wrong side of the work, so you read those rows from left to right as always in crochet charts.

If it seems hard to work from the chart, please check the video. It shows the process in detail.

Chart symbols explained

crochet chart symbols explained

crochet chart for block lace stitch

See the video: Easy crochet stitch pattern

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