The easiest crochet cord is made with just single crochet stitches that you twist. This cord is a great alternative to the i-cord but you can also use it on its own in items like bookmarks or keychains. Use it for ties and straps. The cord has a textured look.

How to crochet the cord

You can crochet this cord in any yarn. The thickness of the finished cord depends on your yarn. In the photo, I have many different weights of the cord. You need to see that your hook is right for the yarn you are using. Most yarn labels suggest the hook size if you are unsure of what to use.

Here is how: Chain 2. Single crochet in the first chain. Twist the work clockwise, don’t move your hook. Insert the hook in the stitch you just made from the backside of it, taking both loops on the hook, single crochet. Continue the same, again twist clockwise and a single crochet in the previous stitch.

See the video on this page! Making the keychain is also shown on the video after the general instructions of the stitch. I have used several strands of yarn together to crochet the keychain. This is an easy way to create your own chunky yarn to fast make a sturdy piece of cord.

If you prefer an i-cord…

If, however, you prefer to crochet an i-cord, check out these two handy ways of crocheting it. Not the kind where you need to hold on to stitches by hand, I would never use that method.

A simple fairly fine i-cord:

I-cord in any width using two crochet hooks:

Tutorial video: Crochet super easy cord and keychain

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Crochet instructions for easy cord and keychain

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