Crochet an easy scrunchie hair band

Scrunchies were so popular in the 90s! Then they seemed to disappear, and now they are back. In the 90s I made piles of them, sewing from all colour fabrics. Now I decided to use the same pattern as for sewing but crochet the piece instead. Crocheting or...

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Crochet a slouchy hat in V-stitch

This slouchy hat is easy to adjust to any size. The ribbing of the beanie fits snugly around your head. The lacy V-stitch gives a textured finish to the pattern.This hat can be one you want to make in many different colours. I have already made several of...

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How to crochet a basic granny square

Every year for the last five years there has been a GrannysquareDay on Instagram. This link shows you the over 5000 granny square images posted from all over the world this year. Many are not what was originally called a granny square though but different...

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A high-quality yarn subscription box

Each month when my new Knitcrate yarn box arrives, I'm all excited! By now I know that I'm going to get great quality yarn that I will love and feel inspired by! Here's the box the yarn arrives in: This post contains affiliate links. It means that if you...

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Joyful circles scarf pattern

The Joyful Circles scarf has a crochet net base with colourful circles crocheted separately and sewn on afterwards. Length 130 cm (about 51 inches). This length is for a summer scarf that you tie once. If you want to make a scarf that first wraps around...

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Colorful crochet Easter eggs

Create a beautiful, colourful Easter decoration. The Easter eggs look very different depending on the colours you choose. I used combinations of my favourite bright colours. Each one has three colours. The pattern has only basic stitches. The criss-cross...

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Crochet bunny rabbit applique motifs

I find this little bunny rabbit really cute! I made many different versions to find the best shape. I also showed some in a Facebook group to get opinions about them. This is the result! There's a step by step video to show you how to crochet it. The...

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3 great crochet stitches

Often someone asks a question about how something is done in crochet. Many times it is easiest to answer by video. These three videos have been born that way. They are all techniques I use a lot, so it was fun making videos of them. This post contains...

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