Did you crochet a wind spinner with yarn last summer? Here’s my pattern and tutorial for that. Wind spinners can be made also in twine or cord. I had many spools of plumb line cord or masonry twine in one of my yarn drawers. They were super popular here in Finland several years ago. People crocheted all kinds of things using that twine. In fact, the twine was completely sold out all over the country! I made bags and table mats for the balcony.

Coloured cones of twine to use use for crochet

Because my previous pattern and tutorial for wind spinners has been so popular, I decided to make a separate tutorial for one with twine. Twine behaves differently because it doesn’t stretch and it is quite hard. It is great for outdoor use. Here’s a link to one type of masonry cord, suitable for DIY projects. (Affiliate link to Amazon).

There are some small differences between how I make a wind spinner with yarn and twine. But both have tapered ends. That way they spin better. In both instructions there is also a tip that speeds up the work and uses less yarn: instead of increasing by crocheting 3 stitches into one, you replace the third stitch with a single crochet. This doesn’t affect the size or how well the crocheting turns into a coil.


Video tutorial: How to crochet a wind spinner using twine or cord


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