It’s spring! Do you have light cotton, bamboo or linen scarves to wear at this time?

This infinity scarf or cowl is quick to crochet because we are using a large hook and trebles (US crochet term, double treble in UK crochet terms). I made mine using cotton-linen-viscose mix yarn that is very light. You could also use soft cotton (not mercerized) or bamboo.

I had a crochet hook that was several sizes larger than what the yarn suggests. The yarn says hook 3.5 to 4 mm and I used 7 mm. That way the result is floppy and slouchy with large loops.

The trick of this scarf is the larger holes where you pass the rest of the scarf through to create permanent knots.

Notes about the tutorial video

(Using US crochet terms)

This is not an actual pattern but notes about the number of stitches you can use together with the video.

We start by chaining 29 and create 5 groups of (2 trebles, chain 1, 2 trebles) in one stitch. 5 chain stitches between the groups on the first row, afterwards chain 1 between groups.
5 rows like that before the first larger hole where the ties or knots will be.

detail of lace crochet infinity scarf

My scarf is 140 cm (55 in) long. There are 4 holes for passing the scarf through. 10 rows of treble groups between holes. 5 rows of treble groups after the last hole. After crocheting pass through the holes as shown on the video. Then sew the ends together. Finished!

Video “Crochet quick infinity scarf. Easy cowl pattern”

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