My daughter just started a new job and was given a new iPad. As she will be moving around a lot and carrying it with her, she wanted a cover for it. She asked me to crochet one so it would be a bit different from most covers!

We talked about colours. She doesn’t like the very strong colours I use but wanted something a bit more muted. She chose the shell stitch from the three samples I made:


She chose the middle one in the photo. I was glad because this shell stitch is fast and fun to crochet!

The iPad sleeve looks very different when you choose different colours and yarns. In the left one I have used cotton yarn and right hand one is wool.

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We start working from the bottom up. The shell stitch works up as multiples of 8 stitches +1. You find stitch amounts for three different weights of yarn on the tutorial video.

Need to update your tablet?


There are two tutorial videos. The first one shows you how to make the actual cover. The second one is about making a felted lining for the cover. The lining video can be used for any knitted or crocheted iPad or tablet case.



I love to see photos of items made using my tutorials or patterns, so if you make one, please share it on Instagram and tag me @tuulamaaria!

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