There are multiple ways to create crochet cord or i-cord. Some of them are unnecessarily complicated, especially ones where you risk losing stitches because you need to hold on to stitches. Skip those instructions! I have this video tutorial for a thicker cord. But here I’m showing the fastest and easiest way to crochet cord.

Crochet cord serves many purposes:

  • Hanging loop
  • Strap
  • Ribbon
  • Gift wrap tie
  • Drawstring
  • Keychain
  • In garlands
  • For braiding into items like hot pads or coasters
  • Decorative piping, applique
  • Edging
  • Form decorations like flowers or other shapes as appliques

How much yarn do I need

I always make this cord so that one of the strands, the working yarn, comes from a ball of yarn. The other end of the yarn needs to be 3 times the length of the finished cord.

The method

  • Make a slip knot, leaving a yarn tail 3 times the length of the finished cord.
    See video about making the slip knot directly on your hook!
  • Hold the yarns as shown in the photo. The long yarn tail is on the left, yarn on the right comes from the ball or skein.
Crochet cord tutorial photo 1
  • Take the left yarn on the hook from above.
Crochet cord tutorial photo 2
  • Go around and take the right-hand yarn on the hook from under it.
  • Pull the yarn through both loops on the hook.

Repeat these steps.

You can watch a video to see in detail how you start the cord.

Crochet cord tutorial photo 3

Video tutorials about crochet i-cord:

See a fast 1-minute video here!

A longer version of crocheting the cord. The link takes you directly to the right spot on a video of 5 crochet tips.

Easy tutorials for crochet cord

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Crochet cord tutorial

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