The bobble stitch gives texture and interest to many crochet projects. It looks adorable in baby blankets. It can create designs like hearts or squares or just stripes on cushions, bags, afghans and scarves or smaller items like hats and mug cozies. Depending on how you place the bobbles, you get a different result each time.

Here we are going over crocheting the bobble stitch in three different video tutorials. The first one is a quick video showing one bobble stitch. Then you have a longer, more detailed video and a separate one for crocheting bobbles in different colours.

While making bobbles on your projects, make sure that the edges of your crochet remain straight, check the tutorial!

Quick video: crochet one basic bobble stitch

This video is a YouTube shorts video, under one minute and vertical especially for phones.

How to crochet the bobble stitch – a detailed tutorial

After you know how to make a bobble, there are many different ways you can space and place them. You can have any amount of stitches in between the bobbles. The bobbles are made the same way regardless of what stitches are used on the rows where you don’t have bobbles. If you want your work to grow fast on the in-between rows, check out this tutorial for crocheting two double crochet rows at the same time!


Crochet multicolor bobble stitches

Learn how to crochet bobbles that are different colours from the background crochet. You can either have them all the same color on a row or even have each bobble a different color.

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tutorials for crocheting bobble stitches

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