Create a beautiful, colourful Easter decoration. The Easter eggs look very different depending on the colours you choose. I used combinations of my favourite bright colours. Each one has three colours. The pattern has only basic stitches. The criss-cross design comes from chains that are overlay crochet.

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The eggs have been filled using polyester stuffing. I crocheted them using cotton yarn and a crochet hook size 3 mm. Each egg is 7 cm (2.7 in) long. This is also an ideal stash busting project. You only need a very small amount of each colour.

Making tutorial videos is a never-ending learning process. You could always make better videos and use better equipment! I had one improvement making the tutorial for the Easter eggs. I used a ring light. It gives more even light and less shadows than ordinary lighting or light from a window. I need to learn to adjust it better but even so I’m happy with how the video turned out!

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Video tutorial – Crochet Easter eggs

This is the 96th public crochet or knitting video on my YouTube channel!  So, a few more and I will have a hundred. I’m happy to see the channel growing all the time. Sometimes it is hard to leave the oldest videos there because they are nowhere near the quality that the later ones are. I’m not aiming at professional quality but I do always learn more about making them.


This video pattern is in Ravelry: Colorful Easter eggs

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