Do you want smoother edges for your single crochet? Look at the starting image. The right hand photo shows the most common single crochet edge. It is straight, and the stitch count does not alter but it is dented. Then take a look at the image on the left. It is very smooth.

Especially for items where the edge is clearly showing, it looks beautiful to have the edge as smooth as this. Think of scarves, blankets, the front edge of a cardigan, straps, bag flaps or any small household items like coasters.

A minor change in how you turn from one row to the next creates this improvement.

What to do

Mostly we turn in single crochet like this: Chain 1, turn, single crochet in the very first stitch, the same one where the chain starts in.

Instead, you turn like this: Crochet the last stitch of the row slightly tighter. Stretch the live stitch a little, to almost twice the height of a normal single crochet live stitch. Turn, making sure to turn clockwise so the yarn stays behind your work. DO NOT CHAIN. Start the new row in the first stitch as usual.

TIP: See also how to always have a straight edge in double crochet!

Watch the video of how to crochet this:

At the end of the video you can also see how this works when you are making single crochet ribbing.

Tutorial for getting a smoother edge in single crochet

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tutorial for getting smoother edges in single crochet rows


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