Have you seen my 10 best crochet tips? There are more great tips, so I published a new video on 7 more useful tips. These are all quick tips that you can put to use in many different crochet projects.

The tips vary from useful ways to help you with the start of a new crochet project to thickening a fine yarn by easily tripling it.

7 crochet tips

  1. Counting stitches on a long chain easily
  2. Chain extra stitches
  3. Create slipknot directly on the hook
  4. Invisible decrease of single crochets in the round
  5. Triple your yarn to make it thicker
  6. Fast crochet cord
  7. Straight edges in single crochet

All these tips are show on the video.

Video: 7 quick useful tips for crochet

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7 useful crochet tips

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