Is there a crochet tip or a project that is new to you among these six most popular tutorials on my YouTube channel? Some of these videos are several years old but viewers continue to come back to them every day. The most popular one has been watched over a million times.

A clear practical tutorial never ages! I am happy about the endless number of comments mentioning how they finally managed to do something they had tried so many times. Most comments like that are in the magic ring and basic granny square tutorials.

In order not to spoil the surprise, I’m listing the videos here with links but they are in the wrong order, the correct order is on the video below!  Combined, people watched these videos about 670 000 times in the last 365 days.

I filmed the video in the home of one of my daughters – light, white and airy with almost floor-to-ceiling windows, the opposite of my own super colourful home. Good to get variety! 🙂 It is much harder to make room for videos in my own home!


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Video: 6 most popular video tutorials

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