After decades of crochet, I have noticed three problems that keep coming up in discussions with other crocheters. It is worth finding out what causes those problems and how you can fix them. It may take a little time but the result is that you feel more confident in crocheting and that makes you enjoy crochet more. Even though I have crocheted since I was five years old, there are always new things to learn to improve.

I have learned many tips and tricks since joining various crochet groups with people from all over the world, as well as Finnish ones. Join my crochet Facebook group!

These are the three most common problems I see repeated. See the video where I go into details about each one and what you can do to avoid these problems.


  1. Adding or decreasing stitches by accident. Crocheted piece not staying the shape it should be.
    – Check where the first and last stitches of the row/round need to go. Varies according to the stitch or stitch pattern you are using.
    – Work one row at a time.
    – Always count your stitches until you feel comfortable that you always get it right. Frog (undo) the row if the stitch count is wrong.
  2. Uneven stitches and rows
    – Make sure your hook size matches your yarn weight.
    – Hold your yarn in a way that it flows freely and you can easily maintain constant tension. This can be achieved no matter what you crochet.
  3. A finished project ends up the wrong size
    – Always make a swatch if size matters in the finished project.

Watch the video for more detailed thoughts!

Video: 3 common crochet problems and how to fix them

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