There is always something new to learn in crochet, isn’t there?!

Recently I have made many “Shorts” videos in YouTube. You have probably noticed those recently – max one minute long and vertical videos mixed with normal videos on many channels. The format is ideal for individual crochet tips or stitch tutorials. I have so far posted 25 shorts videos on various subjects. The most popular of them has been “How to crochet the bobble stitch“, well over 100K views at the moment.

Short crochet tutorials

Video links in all the titles!


Turn thin yarn into thicker yarn

How to triple your yarn easily as you go. No need for several tangling balls of yarn!

Crochet fast i-cord

An easier way to make i-cord when it doesn’t need to be very thick. Just crocheting, no moving stitches.

3 quick tips

  • Uneven crochet result?
  • Slipknot with your hook, not fingers
  • Extra chain before finishing off

The best way to crochet a picot

How best attach the picot stitches.

Yarn storage ideas

How to store your yarn in various parts of your home.

Super easy magic loop

So often people make the magic loop sound complicated. It is not – all you need is yarn, hook and your index finger! There’s also a slightly more detailed video about the simplest way:

Start crochet directly with single crochets, no chain. Foundation single crochet

No chain for a great start.

Invisible decrease in double crochet

A small tweak to the most common double crochet decrease makes it much more invisible.

Holding your yarn and hook

There are many different ways of holding your yarn and your crochet hook. I’m showing how I do it – the same way as the majority of Finns who crochet.

Crochet into the back bump of chain

A neater start to crochet.

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