It has always been a pleasure to learn new tips and tricks in the many decades that I have been crocheting. I have been part of Facebook crochet groups for about 10 years now. That has made it easier to learn new things. Blogs are great for that too. Tips go quickly from country to country and continent to continent.

Here I put together a list of some of the tips I have learned in the recent years. I have longer videos for some of those, links in the video description.

Crochet tips on the video:

(Using US crochet terms)

  1. Change yarns in colourwork. Double crochet, single crochet
  2. Join yarn with no weaving in (fine and medium weight yarns)
  3. Start crochet without a chain, chainless foundation. Single crochet, double crochet
  4. Invisible decrease in double crochet
  5. Long chain into ring without chain twisting
  6. Standing stitch (double crochet directly at the start of a new row or round)
  7. Straight edges in double crochet
  8. Extra chain stitch before fastening off
  9. 3 ways for making sure you don’t lose your stitch
  10. Keep a list of your crochet hooks

See them all in the video:

Video “10 best crochet tips”

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10 best crochet tips

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